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The wait is over. Thrilling and exciting! An adventure like no other on planet Earth!



Gularian Islands


For some time, Ben Mason has known he's a little bit different than other people. It isn't until travelling back to Australia from a holiday in the United States when their plane mysteriously crashes on a remote island. 


        The passengers try to stay alive and safe until rescue arrives. However, strange things are happening, and they are not alone.


        Soon Ben meets Noke and his family. Humans that morph into dragons and have lived on the islands for hundreds of years.  Then twenty-six days into their ordeal Ben meets Goldevere, Noke's father. He explains to Ben that he has the gift that can save both of their worlds.  Ben is told to find Noke's mother, Silver who will help him on his quest.


        Everyone must all work quickly to save the world from the angry black dragon.


         If you think we control this world – think again!



ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781504313308
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504314558

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How the Parrot found his Pirate

Most pirates have a parrot on their shoulder. Have you ever wondered how they find them? Captain John, a bad, mean old pirate, tries to plunder a very nice posh ship. But the posh ship's parrot takes a fancy to a watch on a long gold chain and takes some coaxing from Captain John to give it up.

Front cover of How the Parrot found his
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Sally hated her glasses. One day she threw them and as they twirled through the air they disappeared. Sally searched everywhere for them and finally became convinced the fairies had stolen her glasses. See the adventure her glasses went on and how they mysteriously returned.


Chasing Space Monkeys is an exciting adventure.
Four friends go in search of missing pizza delivery boys.
Finally, they put an end to a long lost mystery and earn the thanks of NASA.


All illustrations by Toby Mikle at


ISBN 978-0-9873073-3-0



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