About me the author T C Ayres


I grew up in England with my parents, two older sisters and three younger brothers.

We lived in an old rectory built in 1800. We never had a 'tree house' instead we had an 'air raid shelter' buried underground, in the back garden. It was an amazing place - when it rained and filled with water it became our swimming pool.

It was here (when it was dry) we created dances and shows for our family and friends.




I loved being surrounded by family and friends and over time we accumulated a motley crew of animals.


My parents travelled quite a bit when we were young, so I caught the travel bug early in life. When we did finally settle down in a small village in Berkshire, England, we would spend our time in the 'air raid shelter' or go off exploring old castles and spooky woodlands nearby.  

I love books



After completing all my childcare studies, I took off on my own adventure around the world, before meeting my husband, Steve. 

Playing with Matches

We married and had three beautiful daughters. Eventually, moving to Australia. We bought a farm and are really good farmers because every animal that comes to us, lives a very long happy life. 

I love hedgehogs and unicorns!

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